Almost is a Brooklyn based design studio with a focus on product design and branding

Founded and led by award-winning, Multidisciplinary designer Odes Roberts.

Almost studios is a philosophy built on almost moments, when you're so close to landing the dream gig, only for it to slip through your hands, or thinking you killed the design only to go back for the final final design. These almost moments define us not because of the way it changes our perspective, but how they encourage us to work harder, aim higher, think bigger, and bust your ass to find a new way to make it all work out.

I've been fortunate enough to work with brands like Abercrombie & Fitch, Bath & Body Works, Shutterstock, TED, Verizon, Adobe, and The New York Times.
Providing not only design talent but a collection of experiences where those almost moments pushed me to work harder, smarter, and better.

This is Almost Studios, and it's nice to meet you.

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