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Introduced a user experience focused design process to the Marketing Design team workflow by facilitating cross-functional collaboration with the UX Design team on research, user testing, wireframing and prototyping, and helped unify UI guidelines and site layout styles. I also helped Rebrand of the Shutterstock Pixels of Fury (PoF) design competition series to create a more unified brand experience. Whatever downtime I had I wrote articles and helped the content team design things for our blogs and social media feeds.

Redefining the CRM Experience

CRM is one the most important touchpoints for any digital company. Shutterstock needed a refresh not only the types of emails they were sending but showcasing the best content provided by their vast network of artists and photographers.


E-mail Preferences

The email preference center hasn't been touched since the founding of the company. This drove the users mad, Users wanted our content but not every single piece of content is relevant to them. We designed an option that will let them have a choice of how much communication they could have with us.

Designing & Writting for
branded content

To forge valuable connections, a brand must provide accessible content. Our goal with the Shutterstock blog was to cater to advanced designers or novice creatives creating their first projects. The shutterstock blog was under the direction of Jordan Roland and Dan Reese.

Key to color harmony

Shutterstock had developed an image discovery tool that would search for images based on color and tone. Helping solve one of the issues of image discovery among the community. In this article, I wrote about how to use the tool to create exciting color combos.

Exploring light, color, and design with Chuck Anderson

This was one of my favorite interviews I’ve done with Shutterstock. We used this conversation with Chuck to educate our users that you can do so much more with a photo than place into a design. The interview goes through his process and encourages people to play and explore new styles.


Oscar Pop 2015

Oscar pop is a yearly event that Shutterstock does where the in-house designers make pop art-inspired posters based on some of the best films of the year. The assignment is to make all of the posters around whats in the Shutterstock collection. I chose Birdman or the unexpected virtue of ignorance, and I decided the art style that I thought would fit the most, should be Roy Lichtenstein. This article got picked up by Fast Company and USA Today.


Interactive infographics

Shutterstock has a ton of data and info on what users are downloading. To help expect what trends are coming and where the industry is heading, my team came up with a few ways we can utilize how this info and package it for our users who want to be on the cutting edge of design trends.

Color trends 2015

With my history of writing and designing around color centric articles, Shutterstock thought it would be great for me design a layout using Shutterstock assets to showcase some of the info on what kinds of colors people are responding to all around the world.

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