Northwestern Mutual 


Art Direction
Product Design


At Northwestern mutual, I was tasked to bring a UX focus to new marketing products and help bridge the in-house gap between product and marketing teams. While there I also helped refresh the brand to bring it into a more modern more mobile friendly company. I was designing a new home experience, And new branding campaigns that blend the role of product design and product marketing.

Modernizing a 110 year old brand

The original was something that was geared towards the insurance broker, not towards the user who may need help with insurance. This design also came with a few technical problems that required lots of communicating and teamwork. To refresh the brand, we first had to understand who our customers are and what their needs are.


Everyone has financial goals

The first thing I wanted to tackle was to update the photography feel and bring more balance to what today's user looks and feels like. It's my personal belief that financial freedom is a dream for everyone. I brought that idea towards the photography style and branding to make sure that we had an inclusive experience as possible.

Portrait of beautiful woman on wheelchair
Senior black man smiling.
Happy family having fun in home.
Young handsome Indian Sikh in the street
Cuddling family of five squished together on living room couch
Happy mother and her son having fun at home

A friendler experience 

The new design was meant to be more aspirational while still keeping in step with the legacy of northwestern mutual. Everything the user could want to know about a broker or about an insurance plan was right at their finger tips.


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