A while back, I wrote about an event that my friends and I throw called Casual Brenda Social Club. But I’m sure it got lost in the endless void of content that people promote and throw up on a daily basis. So here’s a quick rundown of what Casual Brenda Social Club does, and what it is.

It’s a party where I invite friends and encourage friends to tell their friends so we can all be friends. And yes I took that line from Puff Daddy in the Big Poppa video.

I hate the idea of networking events because they are pretty boring and kind of fake. Everyone tries their best to be a perfect hireable person and make friends with people who have no real investment in their lives. You’re just a face, a body to fill an open job position.

Fuck all of that, let’s cut the bullshit and let’s all have fun!

I figured since all of my friends are amazing human beings maybe they know other amazing people that I haven’t met yet. Instead of hosting a stuffy event where we’d spend the whole night just talking about our great lives and about how creative our jobs are, let’s have a party! Dance, drink, talk shit all night long, and actually become friends in a natural environment that feels safe and inclusive to everybody. Hopefully your friends are like mine, and we look after each other like family.

To make it feel more like a club, I create pins that are for sale at these parties and then donate part of the money to a social cause. When you buy and wear a Casual Brenda pin you get deals on drinks, and you get to know that we’re are all giving back to the community that we live in. Plus, you’ll become part of a community of people who care about you.

The goal is to have fun while remembering to help people and give people a platform to express their creativity. Which is also why the event will always try to showcase women of color in the DJ scene.

This Saturday will be the first Casual Brenda Social Club event of the year and it’s also the first one in Brooklyn. I’m extremely proud to work with talented friends, and friends of friends who have made these events a success. This new year I wanna take it to another level.

I hope y’all join us.