Everything real comes from honesty


I'm Odes Roberts, (pronounced like oh dis) I'm Currently working on freelance projects in Brooklyn , New York.

I'm a huge beleiver in honest design, and human design. Honesty cuts through the bullshit, And give you something real, gives you something that resonates within you that you can feel.

I began spending my afternoons with Adobe Photoshop tutorials, which paid off when he received his first design job. At age 13, I got a job doing brand work for a hair product company, Hairballers... (Hey we all gotta start somewhere). After excessive doodling through all of my college classes I thought to myself. "Why am I taking political sciences classes when I could be making something?" And immediately switched my major to visual communication. Turns out it was the best choice I've ever made, and I have stopped making things since.

Services I can

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Brand Identity 

Logo Design /  Concept Development /  Brand Guidelines /  Visual Language /  Brand Consulting

Product Design

Product Management / Information Architecture / 
Social Media Design & Curation / UX Research & Strategy

Print Design 

Stationery / Packaging / Art Direction & Set Styling
/ Magazines & Books / Lookbooks & Catalogs

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